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YoCart, founded in 2020 and headquartered in Nevada, USA, is an innovative company focusing on the e-commerce field. The company’s development originated from the preparatory stage in 2018 and is committed to establishing close cooperative relationships with world-renowned brands to provide these brands with unique exposure and sales opportunities. Through its innovative platform, YoCart provides a unique collaboration model for brands and users, enabling brands to expand market share while allowing users to participate and share sales proceeds

About YoCart

Our story - innovation, cooperation, win-win

YoCart’s journey began in the pipeline in 2018 with the vision of providing these brands with unique market exposure and sales opportunities through close collaborative brand relationships. Our platform not only helps brands expand market share, but also allows users to participate and share the results of sales.


Our core values - Brand, Users, Quality

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The road to the future - innovation, expansion, leadership

Global Perspective - Market Expansion and Partnership

International market expansion: We plan to further expand into international markets, especially emerging markets and high-growth regions.
Strengthened partnerships: We will continue to establish partnerships with more well-known brands and manufacturers to enrich product selections.

Legal compliance - our commitment

YoCart complies with Nevada and federal laws and regulations. It is a legally registered company and adheres to intellectual property rights and copyrights to ensure the legality and security of e-commerce.


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